tram under construction - kind of

File:Edinburgh Tram replica, Princes Street.jpg

After years of mishaps and just plain fuckups, the first section of Edinbugh's
3 line light rail system opened on June 1, 2014.

Originally set to open in 2010, the system was then slated for a grand opening
in 2013. The futures of line 2 and 3, which part of which include an existing guided busway built with the intention of conversion to tramway on the Airport line, are still tenuous and in danger of being cancelled due to cost overruns. And despite all that, a fourth line began planning while Line 1 was still under construction! Resurrection of Line 3 is also being seriously considered. And should the tram project be abandoned or mothballed, have no fear. The airport tram train station will be built anyway.

In the interest of fiscal responsibility, Edinburgh's transport gods have decided to outfit the rolling sock with l
eather seats. yet much of the project remains mysterious. dare I say it? Clandestine. Which may or may not be a Scottish word.

Which cost more? The Edinburgh tram or the moon mission?

No 'canoodling' in the tram stops please. Remember to bring your ultraviolet light to check the seats before you sit down.

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