Subway and Tram Accidents - The Darker Side of

Ah, there is nothing quite like a train wreck. Is it some sort of weird, hidden death instinct in even the most meek of humans? Or is it the secret rush you get when you realize that you're still alive and it could have easily been you?

November 1, 1918: More than 100 people die in a
Brooklyn train crash as the driver takes a 6 mph curve at 50+ mph. This S curve is the most treacherous in all the NYC subway system.

Zurich, 1991

Kaprun,  November 2000 - 155 people killed in funicular subway accident, most of which were children and teenagers

March 9, 2001 -  3 Killed in T
okyo subway crash

August 11, 1995 3 Die In
Toronto subway crash

Tram Accident Compilation

June 5, 1995 New York subway crash leaves 1 dead and 54 injured

New York City subway

August 28, 1992 - Stoned out motorman derails train, killing 5 passengers: Asleep at the Switch

Crashes on the Boston MBTA

Significant Subway Fires 1970-1987 (with lots death!)

Fake derailments - Die Hard and The Money Train

Danger Ahead:'s historic rail disasters

Moscow Subway Terrorist Explosion, 2004

To really take your life in your hands, visit the Taegu subway in South Korea (
link here and scroll down to the bottom of the page), the world's most dangerous subway. Since 1992, over 245 people have died. The latest from this underground death machine: February, 2003, when some guy named Kim,  a mental patient who survived the blaze, set fire to some inflammables (!) on a train. The blaze, hotter than a jar of month old kimchi, spread quickly to an oncoming train, resulting in over 150 dead, 300 missing, and 138 injured. It didn't help that the driver locked the doors before escaping.  It took 1300 firemen to put out the fires. According to Kim, a first class schmuck, he "did not want to die alone". Here are some of the heart-moving comments of some of those left behind.

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Light Rail comes to Portland

Water tram in Braunschweig