Honorable Mention

subway - deceased - or not?

Lima's 38 mile "Tren Urbano" opened it's first 9.8 km and 7 stations in 1986. Opened and closed several times, it carried passengers on weekends and is now used as a
linear garbage dump. Its future was considered tenuous. But in 2012, trial runs began on an additional 12.3 km. The Lima metro may still hold hope of growing into a true metro.

The line is completely above ground and runs mostly on a viaduct.

Tenders for a second 26.9 km East-West line were called for in April 2012. The 25 station east-west line is expected to be completed in 2018.

While the tren ligero may not yet be popular with the locals, the lama population uses the line frequently to go between farms. "Saturday night is breeding night", said one lama, as he winked and then spit on the edge of the metro's platform. "It's a great time to get laid, so I love the metro!"

In 2009, a 12.3 km extension to the
unused metro line was announced. The extension, run by a consortium awarded in early 2011,  will include nine new stations, which are scheduled to open in 2011 and close in early 2012, thereby saving the state millions in maintenance costs. A seven line network is planned, all of which will be above ground, except for the central bus station, which will be underground. When asked how the country can afford a metro system in the middle of a world-wide recession, one government official winked and said, "Simple, my foolish gringo friend. We simply close the metro within months of opening. None of our citizens will be the wiser!". The government official has since disappeared.

Tren Lima
has ordered a number of Metropolis coaches, which are expected to arrive in 2013.

Ride the Lima metro as you speed through the city's affluent suburbs


Lima also has a small heritage tramway which is a remnant of a once large system. The tram is supposed to one day be extended to downtown Lima. Currently, it whisks passengers over a six block route.

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Dolly Lama awaits boarding of the tren urbano for "hot lama night"