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According to Lagos' transit authority LAMATA, Lagos is the sixth largest city in the world. So it is amazing in some ways that it has no transportation system. In other ways, its not surprising at all, since violence and revolution have held back the well meaning transportation plans of since dethroned generals and The Dear Leader(s).

Planning was done in the 1980's for a mostly surface running metro in this transportationally challenged city. According to
one site, construction actually began on this ill fated Lagos Metroline which was cancelled in 1985. In November 2003, an announcement was made that a light rail line would soon break ground, utilizing 20,000 workers, more than some light rail lines' ridership.  A month later, the Daily Trust announced that Lagos was "kicking off" a $135 million light rail system. $400 million has already been invested and the line, which follows the ill-fated subway route, is now in the preliminary engineering phase, despite a 2004 report that the light rail was too expensive, It was replaced with what is now a successful Bus Rapid Transit corridor.

In January 2010, the Nigerian government announced that the
Blue Line would be built, 27.5 km of smokin heavy rail. The above ground line will run in the medium of the Badagry Expressway, also under construction.  Later, a 13 station north-south Red Line was added to the project. The Red Line will share three stations with the Blue Line, and then branch off on to an existing Nigerian Railway corridor. The Blue Line is currently under construction, and will use "pre-owned" Toronto subway cars. Phase One is scheduled to open in June 2013.

According to
this source, ground was broken on a light rail line in Lagos in 2007. No more information yet available.

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