metro (metrotranvia), monorail under construction

Rumours of
plans exist to construct a VAL style metro are Bologna, in that the mode has since changed to a light metro along the lines of metros in Porto and Alicante, cities in two other broke European countries.

Construction of first 5.8 km line from Fiera-Staveco  will begin with the first 3.5 km section Fiera-Stazione Centrale , and then Stazione Centrale-Staveco. The tunnel will begin at the Michelino car park at the beginning of the line in Fiera to Piazza XX Settembre near the central station.  Twelve fo the 24 stations will be underground. Work was expected to commence in spring 2005, but
due to financing disagreements, construction has yet to begin. According to one Wikipedia article, work will not begin until after 2012.

Preliminary design of Line 2 between the airport and the central station includes 6 km of tunnel and eight stations. The line will cross the Reno and Navile rivers, and intersect with Line 1 at  Fiera-Staveco. Government approval took place circa August, 2003.

Currently, Bologna has an underground section for it's commuter railway but not much is available on the subject. 

Plans for a 2 line tramway also exist, but the writer may have been confusing a tramway with the metro.

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Suburban Railway

SFM, Sistema Ferroviario Metropolitano (Regional Rail Network) is a regional rail network aiming to create a modern commuter rail system for the Bologna metro area.

Bologna also has a one line suburban service running DMUs, the
Suburbana which connect Bologna with Vignola. EMUs have also been used. The line was once a tramway which closed in 1963.

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A solar powered monorail known as the energy belt began construction in 2012. It will connect downtown with the airport.