Tel Aviv

Welcome to Eretz Yisrael (also known as Israil), soon to be the home of two new metros. Israel also sports a large network of modern, electrified commuter rail lines which criss-cross this enormous country (the size of Canada and Russia combined) like a 4 year old with an oversized talis. Also discussed on and off is a light rail line in Beersheba, part of an effort of the Israeli government to encourage people to move to the "periphery." A planned 41 km light rail line connecting Nazareth with Haifa (see below) was cancelled in 2012 and replaced by a commuter railway with extensive underground sections.

In 2008, Israel Railways opened it's 
first underground station in Modi'in. It's part of a large countrywide commuter rail project which includes large underground sections.

Also proposed is a peoplemover that uses electric lines as it's tracks.

Nazareth - Haifa Light Rail

- Tachanit Tachteet
רכבת תחתית - Rakhevet Tachteet (train underground)

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