Chennai (Madras)  
metro, elevated mass transit railway

The 17 station, 24.7 km Chennai mass rapid railway (aka the flying train) opened in 1998. An additional 4.5 km opened in 2004, followed by a 3 km extension is due to open in 2011, with further extensions planned. The two line elevated railway looks more like a commuter train but it is indeed a true metro. Chennai's MRTS
will integrate with it's truer metro, now under construction (see below).

The MRTS is known far and wide for it's
pristine cleanliness.

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According to
this site, an unfinished subway also exists in Chennai, part of which is used as a swimming pool.


In April 2005, Chennai hired Delhi Metro Rail to complete a feasability study for a 3 line metro.
The first 10 km stretch of the planned 45.1 km 2 line system opened in June, 2015. It is elevated except for a 2.4 km stretch, which is underground and includes one station.

In August 2010, a 9.1 km extension to Line 1
was proposed.


The contract awarding process for a three line first phase of the Chennai monorail is currently underway. The lines will be 23kms, 18kms and 16kms resptively in length and will connect with the existing suburban railway, the single-line elevated MRTS system and under construction metro network.

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