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Mumbai's 12 km metro opened officially in June 2014. Work on two new lines began in October 2015. Line 2 will be 18.5 km with 17 stations. Line 3, actually an extension of Line 2,  will be 16.5 km long.  Both lines will be completely underground.

Also approved is Line 4, a 32 km line with 24 underground stations and 6 elevated stations. Line 4 will connect commuters with the monorail.


Several systems were in the planning stages for this city on an island off the west coast of India. One plan called for a 17.5 km, 20 station
subway between Bandra and Colaba. Another called for an elevated line between Bandra and Kurla. A once  promising one was the home grown Sky Bus, a made in India monorail, with three lines.

In May 3003,
an elevated 10 km LRT was to be built between Andheri and Ghatkopar via Asalpha, Marol, Chakala and Saki Naka. The SkyBus was rejected because the technology of a vehicle running over air is yet unproven. Described as "not for for mass transport", it is reminiscent of the way your bank will only loan you money only when you don't really need it.

In January 2004, a master transit plan, including a 146 kilometer metro, was unveiled by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). Included was 32 km of subway. In June of the same year (2004 for those of you with poor shoirt term memory), the government approved a 13 station elevated light rail line between Ghatkopar and Versova.  The line wass expected to open in 2008. It would be mostly elevated,  except a short stretch underground where it crossed the Western Express Highway. A short spur would also connect with  Mumbai's international airport.

In April 2005, Mumbai contracted with Delhi Metro Corp to build a full fledged subway system. The ambitious
9 line system  began construction in late 2005. Eleven stations and 8 km of the initial line will be underground.

The 145 km metro wll also include a 13 station elevated light rail line which was approved seperately and integrated into the project. The metro's first 11 km line is expected to open in 2012.

Bombay subway map also bears a frightening resemblance to the New York City subway.

Bombay currently has an
extensive commuter rail system, but it's in no way a subway. Yet in 2013 Indian Railways began planning an elevated metro with a smaller subway section which will meet up with Mumbai metro's Line 3. 

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Not to outdo New Delhi, Bombay built a  19.5 km monorail ("
marathi"). The first 8.9 km phase opened in February 2014. As seen above, the line features constantly open doors as a way of helping to tame the country's uncontrollably expanding population. Our bovine loving buddies will be allowed on as well, but only in cars with opening and closing doors. In the interest of the cows, a special automated crash technology will be installed on all the cars.

Best of all, an invitation to, well do something, with the monorail is displayed in Bollywood style fashion with
this poster, which was incredibly interesting.  It is also rumoured that Mr. Bhujbal will have his existing facial mark replaced with a tatoo of the monorail logo. Don't forget to scroll down and check out the mayor cuz she's hot.

A total of four lines are planned. Along with four tatoos.

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