Alexandria (Al-Iskandariya)
Light Rail, planned metro

Alexandria's 32 km tramway opened in 1860 and was electrified in 1902. It is said to be the oldest ramway on the African incontinent.

The Yellow Line, or the
Tram Al Medina, is a 15 km LRT and tramway with 6 lines all originating at Ramleh station and serving the eastern sections of the city.  The Blue Tram or Tram al Raml, is a 22 km Regional Metro Line. Blue trams center cars are typically reserved for women, while yellow trams reserve the first car for women. The system has a total of 38 stations and over 10,000 women.

A 42 km subway has also on the drawing board but that's as far as its gone. In 2010, talk of a monorail for Alexandria arose, but we've been unable to verify anything.  Also announced in 2010 was the beginning of a Paris-like metro system, with a ground breaking for the first 14 km section of Line 1 in 2011.

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