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Buenos Aires, once known as the City of Trams, consists of 4 separate types of traction transport: the subway (el Subte), the Tren de la Costa (an interurban built in 1995), a pre-metro light rail line, and a
heritage tramway.

The subway is in part a conglomeration of what remains of the original Anglo-Argentine Tramways Company's 420 km of track. Opened in 1913, it consists of 81 stations, 57.6 km and 6 lines, all of which are underground. However, sometimes
the old cars get to come out.

A new 11 km line (Line H) is under construction, as are three extensions to lines A, B and E. Three additional lines and 34 stations
have been approved, which will bring the total mileage to 97 km. Seventy percent of the city's population will be within 400 meters of a metro station. Extensions on Lines A and B are ready to go but have not yet opened because of the city's lack of rolling stock.

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Light Rail

In 2007, an
experimental 4 station 1.5 km Tranvķa del Este useng French trams from the city of Mulhouse along an abandoned railway was installed to see if light rail would solve that corridor's transit problems. The tramway, locally known as Celeris, has really gotten it up for the community, and extensions are actively being planned. Known also as Tranvia del Este, there are currently plans to extend the line to the Retiro Rail terminal and the city bus terminal. The tramvia serves the suburb of Puerto Madero.

Subterraneous de Buenos Aires 
Bartolome Mitre S13 
Buenos Aires, D.F., Argentina

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2001 rolling stock from Japan

Light Rail

Opened in 1995, the 15 km, 11 station Tren de la Costa has 2 branches which originate from a subway terminus. One end serves a popular amusement park.

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In 1987, Metrovia opened a 7.4 km light rail line, known as the
Premetro, or, Line E2. The premetro connects with subte line E at the Plaza de los Virreyes station.

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One of the fine Japanese subway cars used by Linea Urquiza as it attempts to screw a bus

Linea Urquiza (Line U)

A 25.5 km electric commuter line, originally designed to be part of the subway system, is known as Line U. It is completely above ground and can be caught at Federico Lacroze station on Line B, named for it's builder. The line opened in 1884, and has since used everything from PCC cars to Japanese subways.

In 2016, an RER network including 16 km of tunnels was officially under review.

Buenos Aires' Sarmiento commuter line uses a tunnel in the central city to connect two stations. Plans call for a 36.4 km underground commuter line, whose older cars blow up real good.