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The Algiers metro began construction in the 1980's. A few years into construction, however, the project ran out of money. And there it sat for three decades, like an urban cave system with four closed off stations. The 30 year old under construction metro, ("This time it's not a joke. No, really!") finally opened for business in November 2011.

The first section of this automated line was 8.5 km long with 10 stations. Currently, all stations are underground with the excepton of the system's depot, it's terminus at
Hai el Badr, and the El Harrach bridge. Extensions to each end of Line 1 were approved in 2006 and work on them are well underway, with the section to El Harrach being the latest to open in July 2015.  Construction on Line 2  is also underway, as are branch lines from the new El Harrach Gat and southern and northern extensions which will add another 1.7 km and 3.6 km, respectively..

A 64 km, three line network is planned.

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Algeras subway car in prep for testng
Don't you love that new train smell?

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Light Rail

The first 7.2 km section of Algiers tram- light rail system opened in May 2011.Regular revenue service began six months later in November 2011. In June of the following year, a 9 km extension opened, bringing the total length to 16.2 km and 30 stations. Stage 3 will add an additional 7 km and 8 stations.

Rolling stock is similar to the cars used on Paris' tramway. Managed and built by Systra, the line runs east from the Carrefour du Ruisseau, east of Algiers city centre. It serves the new Bananiers district, Houari Boumedienne University, Bordj el Kiffan centre and terminates at Dergana, near Algiers airport. A 9.1 km extension is under construction.

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Commuter Rail

The Nationale des Transports Ferroviaires will open its commuter line in 2010. The vehicles, built by Stadler, are known
FLIRTS - Fast Light Innovative Turbotrains. These units will go into operation on Algiers' existing suburban network.

Turkish contractor remodels Algerian subway tunnel
Metroplanet feature page on the plight of the Algiers subway

Funicular Subway

In February 2009, a 7 km underground funicular railway
was announced. The mini metro will connect the center city la Place de Tafoura with the much higher section of El Biar. Run by Metro Algiers, it will be the longest subway of its type in the world. 

Aerial Metro

Line 3 of the Algiers metro system will be an automated 15.2 km light metro. The line is currently in the planning stages.

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