SMF SSI.php Functions

Current Version: 1.1

This file is used to demonstrate the capabilities of SSI.php using PHP include functions.
The examples show the include tag, then the results of it. Examples are separated by horizontal rules.

To use SSI.php in your page add at the very top of your page before the <html> tag on line 1:
<?php require("SSI.php"); ?>

Recent Topics Function: <?php ssi_recentTopics(); ?>

[Metro Photos] Dallas Green Line by Daniel February 13, 2011, 10:27:07 AM

Recent Posts Function: <?php ssi_recentPosts(); ?>

[Metro Photos] Dallas Green Line by Daniel February 13, 2011, 10:27:07 AM

Recent Poll Function: <?php ssi_recentPoll(); ?>

Top Boards Function: <?php ssi_topBoards(); ?>

Board Topics Posts
Metro Photos New 1 1
General Discussion 0 0

Top Topics by View Function: <?php ssi_topTopicsViews(); ?>

Views Replies
Dallas Green Line 3818 0

Top Topics by Replies Function: <?php ssi_topTopicsReplies(); ?>

Views Replies
Dallas Green Line 3818 0

Top Poll Function: <?php ssi_topPoll(); ?>

Top Poster Function: <?php ssi_topPoster(); ?>


Topic's Poll Function: <?php ssi_showPoll($topic); ?>

Latest Member Function: <?php ssi_latestMember(); ?>

Please welcome Daniel, our newest member.

Board Stats: <?php ssi_boardStats(); ?>

Total Members: 1
Total Posts: 1
Total Topics: 1
Total Categories: 1
Total Boards: 2

Who's Online Function: <?php ssi_whosOnline(); ?>

1 Guest, 0 Users

Log Online Presence + Who's Online Function: <?php ssi_logOnline(); ?>

1 Guest, 0 Users

Welcome Function: <?php ssi_welcome(); ?>

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

News Function: <?php ssi_news(); ?>

SMF - Just Installed!

Board News Function: <?php ssi_boardNews(); ?>

Menubar Function: <?php ssi_menubar(); ?>

   Home   Help Search Login Register  

Quick Search Function: <?php ssi_quickSearch(); ?>

Login Function: <?php ssi_login(); ?>


Log Out Function: <?php ssi_logout(); ?>

Today's Birthdays Function: <?php ssi_todaysBirthdays(); ?>

Today's Holidays Function: <?php ssi_todaysHolidays(); ?>

Today's Events Function: <?php ssi_todaysEvents(); ?>

Today's Calendar Function: <?php ssi_todaysCalendar(); ?>

Recent Calendar Events Function: <?php ssi_recentEvents(); ?>

Some notes on usage

All the functions have an output method parameter. This can either be "echo" (the default) or "array".
If it is "echo", the function will act normally - otherwise, it will return an array containing information about the requested task.
For example, it might return a list of topics for ssi_recentTopics.

This functionality can be used to allow you to present the information in any way you wish.

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