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Africa's First Monorail - Port Harcourt, Nigeria - June 2016
Myanmar's First Metro
- Sort of
Two new metros for October: Isfahan in Iran and Addis Ababa Ethopia
Chennai joins the Indian Metro Club

Japur Metro makes Debut

Houston opens 2 new light rail lines

(Texas page updated)
Transportation in Missouri

Venice gets a subway Station. No, really.

Edinburgh Light Rail opens - No Canoodlng!

Changsha Metro Opens

Coming Soon - The Mini Metro Game

Gurgaon joins the metro family

Hidden Metros
- Urban Legends and Secret Subways of the World

Jerusalem opens light rail - what's not to like?

Mashhad Light Metro open for business

Milan M2 extension opens

Check out our fake subways featuring the amazing Brina Thurston
After much red tape from them pesky Federal fellas, Austin opens it's metro rail.

Latest update: Monorail added to Bombay page

Lima Subway:  Holy crap. it's back!

Grand Opening: The Dominican Republic's New Carribean Metro!
Plano Station, DART, Dallas, TX - added
New: Houston Metro's light rail -
a few night photos
Algeria's Subway
Want to
drive your local subway or LRT? Here's some of what it takes.

Starting a rail system
What does a trolley

Save The Kiev Trams before it's too late!
Land of the Free?  Check out this thread on and be prepared to be outraged.
Read about the
latest alternative to light rail.


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